In addition to constant arranging, writing, and private instruction, the following is a brief break down of my activities over the past 30 years as a drummer and percussionist.


1971 through 1973         Began playing Violin at Fairfield South Elementary

1973 through 1981         Played in School at both Fairfield and Westerville

1975 Summer                Westerville Community Theater of 1776, Percussion

1981 through 1982         Westerville South Percussion Staff

1983 through 1985         Drummer for Bill Foley

1983 through 1988         Independent Studio Drums and Percussion

1986 through 1987         Pride of Cincinnati Jr. D&BC Percussion Staff

1997 through 2001         Edgewood Percussion Staff, Trenton, Ohio

1999 through 2006         Princeton Pike COG, Drums and Percussion

2000 through 2002         Cincinnati Glory Jr. D&BC Percussion Staff

2001 Winter                  Norwood Drum line, Norwood, Ohio

2002 through 2004         Fairfield Percussion Staff, Fairfield, Ohio

2009                            Joined AFM as Independent Drums & Percussion

2009 through 2011         Drummer for Breezin' Smooth Jazz

2010 Fall                      Drummer for Montoya Montage

2012 February 5th         Drummer for Vineyard Church, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

2012  Winter/Spring       Scioto Valley Brass & Percussion Company, Drums

Feb 2012                      The Juice!

April 2012 - July 2012   Gen Wilkenson Group (helped with writing new tracks)

September 2014           Bill Foley Band

April 2015 - Oct. 2017   Jimmy Hudson Band

October 2017 - Current  Terry Douglas Music Project


05 Upspeakable Joy 1.mp3


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