Lessons provided to anyone wanting to learn to play drums or people already playing and wanting to improve their abilities and technique. Below are a few of the requirements and current student openings.

As with anything new, one must learn to craw before they can walk and walk before they can run. As with these different students progress at different rates and need different levels of instruction. All students I teach must begin playing on a single pad or drum. After progressing to the point of mastering the skills expected the student will then be allowed to move to a drum kit. As with the beginning students, intermediate or advanced students looking to learn drum kit will be expected to show proficiency on snare before proceeding.

Students will have 30 minute or 1 Hour lessons based on:

  • Technique
  • Reading Music
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Style
  • Playing both solo and duets with instructor

The beginners 30 minutes cost $25

Intermediate and Advanced students will receive all the above but in a 1 Hour session in addition to having individual lessons written for the student on Finale and other formats. Prices range from $25 to $40 per hour depending on the level of instruction requested.

Instructional Materials for Beginner Students (Required)

  • VicFirth Fresh Approach Starter Pack (Available at Columbus Pro Percussion)
  • Stick Control - ISBN-13: 978-1892764041 (Available on Amazon and at most music stores)
  • For students with a snare drum instead of a drum pad I strongly suggest a Gladstone Pad.



Prepare now for OMEA Solo's and Ensembles. 

Band Directors contact me about assisting with you OMEA projects for Drum Solo's and Ensembles.

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