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Scott's Mother has pictures of Scott at age 4 playing his little guitar outside in shorts, old hat, and sunglasses. The family tells stories of Scott pulling pans out of the cupboards and playing them with wooden spoons as soon as he could walk. His mother says "he has always had a natural sense for precise rhythm and timing." Scott comes from a long family history of musicians. Scott has several family members who have and still do play music professionally. His grandfather, Fiddlin' Red Logsdon, used to have his own show playing fiddle on a popular radio station in the 1940's. Scott has been labeled a solid drummer that typically lives right in the pocket. Various other musicians have used phrases like, High Caliber, Supportive, Motivational, and an all around Professional.

Born November 11, 1962, Scott has played and instructed for over 37 years. Scott began playing drums in Fairfield, Ohio at the age of 9. Learning quickly Scott had trouble fitting in when joining elementary band at age 11. In the summers Scott attended music camps always trying to improve his craft. In the summer of 1975 Scott's family moved to Westerville, Ohio where Scott's musical career took a fast and positive turn.

Scott's musical experience expanded in Westerville, Ohio playing in jazz and theatrical productions. Scott played in his first theatrical musical as percussionist in the 1976 Westerville Civic Theater production of 1776 at the age of 12. With private instruction from Paul Zubrod, James Curlis, and Bob Breithaupt, Scott expanded his Jazz and Symphonic performance skills. In high school Scott played drum kit for many musicals and jazz ensembles at Westerville South, Westerville North, and Otterbein College.. Throughout high school Scott was involved in symphonic band, orchestra, jazz band, and marching band. He also play percussion for various vocal groups and special productions in the Westerville Schools. During high school Scott was also involved in Junior Drum and Bugle Corps.

After graduating high school, Scott played a few years as an Independent Percussionist covering theatrical positions and playing tracks in studios for commercials. Scott has also spent many years arranging and instructing high school drum lines and percussion ensembles as well as private instruction in marching, traditional, and jazz drumming. Scott plays various genres from slow jazz to classical. Scott has played locally with such groups as Bill Foley, Montoya Montage, Juice, and Breezin' Smooth Jazz a jazz/funk/pop group. When watching Scott play you may see him staring at a particular player performing a lead or solo bit. This is Scott's intense concentration looking and listening for variations in the music so he can add just the right amount of rhythmic flair to any musical production.

Currently, 2018, Scott is working with Terry Douglas. Terry is a long time veteran of Country music and has recently released second album. The band is currently in a morph stage as we are adding new members to reach that perfect sound and musicianship quality of total professionalism and exquisite quality sound. As soon as the band is complete we will be finishing the second album in May of 2018 and projected to release album 3 in October of 2018. The fans have never been disappointed with the skill and musicianship involved in each project as the current album has one of the six songs on the the Nashville Country top 20 and two songs in the top 10. 

Scott has extensive experience in various types of percussion as well as  professional equipment, modulators, and triggers. Scott is a true professional as noted by being an active member in good standing of the Columbus, Ohio, American Federation of Musicians music union Local 103. Scott also has quality PDP, Zildjain, Meinl, Wuhan, Simmons and Roland equipment. Scott also exclusively uses VicFirth, Evans and teaches young musicians.


Forrest Obnamia
Forrest Obnamia
Student at The Ohio State University

I have performed with Scott and can attest to his high caliber percussion skills. Scott is a well-rounded musician/drummer.

December 22, 2011, Forrest worked directly with Scott at RSLPercussionProductions, LLC

Len Damico, PMP
Len Damico, PMP
Business Integration - Project Management

I have had the pleasure to see/hear Scott perform live music for over 30 years! He is a great motivational percussionist, true musician, and ethical professional. I whole-heartedly endorse Scott Logsdon, and RSLPercussionProductions!

December 21, 2011, Len worked with Scott at RSLPercussionProductions, LLC

Genevieve Wilkinson
Genevieve Wilkinson
Sr. Technical Rep at Axalta Coating Systems

I had the honor of working and collaborating with Scott Logsdon in the Gen Wilkinson Group. Scott is a professional musician in the truest sense. Not only does Scott have the chops for any genre of music, he has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what kind of percussion any given song (or verse, chorus, etc) needs. He's elevated that knack to an art. Scott is a true team player, dedicated to the idea of having a group function as a tight unit. To that end, one of Scott's best characteristics, is his infectious motivation. In rehearsals, or difficult situations, Scott is not only supportive, but encouraging. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to work with Scott Logsdon, and happier to have him as a friend. His demeanor and can-do attitude make him a joy to work with and that makes a world of difference. I would highly recommend Scott in any capacity, whether it's fill in work or as the last piece in your group's lineup.

Gen Wilkinson

July 1, 2013, Genevieve worked directly with Scott at The Gen Wilkinson Project

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